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A website, which is no longer active [1] in the meantime, was intended to offer former Holic members a platform on which to exchange their experiences from their time in the Holic Group with each other. The intention was to thereby internally criticize the group, but to avoid this critique being available to the public – and therefore, not to damage the group publicly. For this reason, the critical sections were only accessible via a password. The website’s manager thought that the password was known only by active and former members of the Holic Group (the password was the nickname of the favorite car of the group’s founder, Gottfried Holic, namely, “storch”). In the meantime, this site is no longer on the internet, but the texts from that time are still available at www.archive.org [2].

These topics were publicly available:

  • What was good? (What did you like about the group? What do you see, even after your expulsion / voluntary exit, as positive?)
  • Questioning (What should you reconsider in looking back at the group?)
  • Advice for crisis situations (Tips primarily in regard to those who’ve left or been expelled)

Accessible only by password were:

  • Good theory – bad application
  • What would you have done differently?
  • What was lacking?
  • What was bad?

Along with that, there are also some blogs from former members, which also concern life in the Holic Group:

  • Following Christ [3]: a blog in English of an Englishwoman, beginning in 2007, which considers the matter in a very reflective way, partly theologically and partly interpersonally
  • Former member of the sect called “Holic Group” [4]: a blog in English of an disillusioned Polish member, with a few entries in 2009 and 2012. A German translation can be requested from the webmaster of this site.
  • Byłem 13 lat w sekcie Christianie [5]: a blog in Polish of a former member with entries from 2007 to 2012. A German translation can be requested from the webmaster of this site.
  • Definition of Love [6]: a webpage in English of a former member from Estonia, a theological discussion about the understanding of “love” in the group
  • Comments about the so-called Holic Group [7]: the webpage [in German] of a former member from Leipzig, a Biblical argumentation about the topic of daily meeting as well as a lifestyle without marriage

The temporal development over several years is interesting among these blogs. At the beginning there is often still a strong identification with the group (they speak of “we”), and a positive view of the group predominates. With time, the distance becomes greater (from the “we” arises a “they”), and they see things much more critically.

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[2] Archived on Jan. 10, 2011: https://web.archive.org/web/20110110050406/http://sites.google.com/site/ehrlichgesagt
[3] http://followchrist2.blogspot.de/, German translation: http://holicrueckschau.blogspot.com/
[4] http://holic-group.blogspot.de/
[5] http://wsekcie.blox.pl/html/1310721,262146,169.html?6
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[7] http://sogenannte-holicgruppe.weebly.com/

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