Sectarianism in the congregation of the Christians

              I still use the words “sect” and “sectarianism” as neutral and descriptive terms, even if for the majority of people these are sometimes expressions with negative meaning, such as “dogmatism”. The majority of those who left or were expelled - although most of them speak of their former community with nostalgia and understanding - rather clearly mentioned features in relation to the Christians that are characteristic of sects: “dogmatic tunnel vision” (Cs. from Romania), “Although we did not say it out loud, from the practice it was clear: we think that salvation cannot be achieved outside of the congregation” (Péter). „Just the mention of the words “good” and “evil” as well as “worldly” made me sick” (M. from Austria). „The congregation was characterized by making our lifestyle and concept of justice absolute. It was a fatal misunderstanding to believe that as soon as we decided to follow Jesus we instantly became Christians and we became capable of determining that exclusively ours is the righteous path. (R. from Austria), “We said that the expelled members did not have the Holy Ghost in them. This attitude spread in parallel with defending the authority of the congregation. Its representatives probably did not think it through that if they bind presence in the congregation to the Ghost, by this they make themselves into conduits of God” (Aranka), “How is it possible that these hundred-hundred fifty persons are the only ones who know God, and everyone else is mistaken? (L. from Estonia)

              Of course, this cannot be understood from their teachings on their homepage, since those do not reflect the practice of the Christians, they rather express their aspirations and ideals. There they only say that if someone is truly Christian and blessed, he will unify with them with the help of the Holy Ghost and will become a member of their community. Of course, this can also be interpreted as who is not with us is against us, and this interpretation is confirmed by their repeatedly voiced statement that so far they have not found a congregation, church outside of their own which is true and built on a New Testament model, living a saintly life, in complete unity.