Relationship to Other Christian Communities

In regard to all other churches and faith communities, authentic Christianity is denied: “Heresy is the foundation of all large ‘churches’ as well as the small ones that want to be large and in the process relinquish the truth.” Apart from the Holic Group, all churches and congregations have fallen away from the true faith: “The various ‘Christian’ groups and denominations go the same way, only to the extent that it is the path away from God.” The community, as Jesus intended it, is found only among the Holic members; only through them is God’s Word proclaimed and lived out in its full form. They explained it to a newly-gained recruit using this analogy: “If you don’t live like the original church, then you can’t call yourself a Christian. We live this way, and we see no others who do. So we’re the only Christians.” Other churches appear in their writings only within quotation marks (the Christian ‘churches’), if the writings don’t simply speak of the “‘Protestant’ organizations” or the “Roman Catholic anathema.” The group places the other churches on a par with other ‘godless organizations,’ including the NSDAP. The group therefore also thinks “ … that even the phrase ‘leaving the church’ is a lie. None of us left a church. We merely left organizations which claim to be churches, although they trample the commands of Jesus underfoot.” For this reason, their community is “not an ‘offshoot,’ but rather the ‘churches’ are offshoots. They have moved away from God and His community by means of their heresy and of their wrong practice of community, and by means of their identification with the godless world.”

The Scripture, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1), would normally contradict this rather arrogant rejection of all other Christian communities. But the group explains that this passage has always been misunderstood. On the one hand, Jesus was addressing the Jews back then, who first had to convert, in order to be able to judge other people. And on the other hand, they (the Holic Group members), don’t ‘judge’ other people, they merely ‘evaluate’ them. A Christian must always evaluate other people, to see if they are really Christians. But it still remains unclear, what the forbidden ‘judging’ actually is, and how it is different from ‘evaluating.’