Links about the Holic Group

Websites Created by the Group:

Foreign (non-German) Language Domains Belonging to the Group are:

An anonymous site by the group argues against the Taizé movement:

Information Critical of the Group:

Blogs by former Holic members:

  • Following Christ: an interesting English blog (a German translation is found at Christus Nachfolgen). Written since 2007 by a former member of the group. From her postings over the course of the years, [the reader can] understand the feeling of being pulled this way and that between admiration for, and criticism of, the cult. The discussion in the [reader] comments is also very interesting.
  • an English blog of a very disappointed former member from Poland (a German translation is found here)
  • Byłem 13 lat w sekcie Christianie: a Polish language blog of a member who was in the group for 13 years (a German translation can be requested from me via email for private use)
  • Observations regarding the so-called Holic Group: a site by a former member; primarily about the daily meetings and about the lifestyle without marriage.